Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A short trip yesterday to Coney Island.
A world away from the summer extravaganza... So peaceful.
Made me think of the time when my grand parents used to rent a house in St Idesbald, Belgium as a lot of families from northern France would do.
Those long, long stretches of sand, the weather never really warm and the sea always too cold...
Unfortunately for us living in the US, Nathan's hotdogs do not compare to the delicious Belgium waffles that my grandma loved so much…


  1. I especially like the first one. The patterns of the light, straight down the length of the shadows of the poles is unexpected; I would have thought their reflections would just flare outward.

    In the US, or at least in Durham and other parts of North Carolina, we are experiencing a growth in chicken-and-waffle restaurant. Don't ask me why, unless it's the recent filming of Mildred Pearce, shown on HBO. I'd never heard of such a thing before seeing that film, though I assume Cain got it from life in Los Angeles in the '30s and '40s. Surely not as good as Belgian. You must share your grandmother's recipe.

  2. This is really nice, Vincent! Great mix of images and a little about what's behind it!

  3. Hi Randy, Thanks!
    I like that first one as well. So far I have only uploaded single images. I don't like to "pollute" too much but I also know that I'm a bit too rigid this way. Sometimes it's nice to complement with other images even if not so strong. Still learning... And the blog is a very interesting tool for that.
    Now comes the bad news... My grandmother didn't share her recipe... :)
    Thanks for comments again.

  4. To anonymous...
    Thank you. I was listening to the beautiful ballads of Ella Fitzgerald while editing those images and I got a bit nostalgic... A lot of times images can't say it all.

  5. Vincent, nous avons ça en commun La Panne, St Idesbald, Ostende... Belgique ô combien tu me manques ! Les gaufres bien sûr, et la bière, of course... Les plages à perte de vue, tes photos ont de la belgitude en elles !
    Bien à toi