Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Yes, like a salmon on my way to Mae Salong!
South East Asia is a beautiful gem slowly drowning in pollution...
Not talking about the diesel, farting tuktuks and the cohort of smoking old vehicles that spray black heavy particles all over the place but of the habit of burning.
Burning your waste, your garbage that includes of course numerous toxic plastics, etc... but if that was not enough the whole countryside is setting it's fields on fire - we used to do it in France - we might still do it - It's a way to re-energize the land - but on such proportions it's signing for disaster...
A great number of people are coughing, wearing masks or putting their hands in front of their mouth hoping to protect themselves.

On a happier note the 3 pictures below were taken in a spot that was just silent.
No sounds other than the tickling of the engine of my motorbike.
Silence... Pure silence... I can't remember when it happened to me last.
If only the air was breathable...

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