Friday, February 03, 2012


Bored as hell, what a life for an angel...
I met this poor guy yesterday night on 3rd Ave in Brooklyn.
We exchanged a few words and I realized what a tough life he had. We, living souls like to complain, some of us even looking forward for a better "life" in the Other Kingdom...
Trust me, nothing to envy.
This sad fellow has been ignored for years by his twin brother [ hidden by the tree and curiously striking an identical pose ].
Not a word, not a "Happy Birthday" card [ no excuse to forget the day on that one ], simply nothing.
To top it off he has to endure the constant barking of 2 little white fur-wanna-be-angel [ if I can judge by their look ] doggies...
I told him that, one of these nights, I would stop by and take him for a ride.


  1. Je ne te savais pas si altruiste ! et si militant des causes désespérées... Dis-moi la soirée avait-elle été arrosée ? ;-)

  2. drive him around and dump it in the Hudson