Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Well, we're not in New York or in the Finger Lakes region... but in Cambodia.
I've been out yesterday in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn but didn't get anything interesting really [ yes, that happens... a lot in fact... ] and as I'm editing images from various trip in South East Asia I thought I would post this one. I will probably add more to the mix in the future.
Early morning on the Tonlé Sap with local fishermen. It's a place where I often go when in Cambodia and over the years I got a few good shots [ yes, luckily that also happens... ] and develop friendly relations with locals that always seems very amused to see me and my camera.
For the photographers crowd, that was shot F3.2 @ 1/4 s, 1600 ISO.
Lightroom 4 really helped to pulled out this image.


  1. cool non seulement je révise mon english mais en plus j’apprends la photo (a lot of work for both).
    superbe !

  2. My pleasure Jacques. Thanks for your comment as always!